How to look backwards in order to see the future

  It was Sir Winston Churchill who once said the: "The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see." Whilst history does not neatly repeat itself and nor will looking  backwards give you 20/20 vision looking into the future, the astute leader is resolute in refining their ability to look at the past and identify the  echoes and rhymes that suggest how the future may be shaped. Churchill was a passionate scholar of history, seeking to understand both historical and current events as they unfolded so that he might better understand the future as it rushed forward. At TomorrowToday we are strong believers in the benefit of looking backwards in order to see forward. This powerful leadership and strategic skill requires continuous focus and attention but anyone can do it. One of the most practical ways to develop this skill is to use a publication like the The Economist "“ which we believe is one of the best resources for identifying current and future trends. For example, if you had been paying attention to trends highlighted by The Economist, then Theresa May's U-turn in April, calling a snap election and the ensuing chaos that erupted for the Tory party, w...


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