“CREATIVITY” A Framework for thinking like and being an innovator

Innovation doesn’t just happen. There is no secret sauce or ingredient. However, I’ve identified ten things that powerfully shape innovation and make it happen. Conveniently and for ease of use and memory these ten things become an acronym called CREATIVITY. Hope this helps you as you explore dream and discover remarkable innovations:

C = Having the CURIOSITY  to explore  

R = Being  RESILIENT  when everyone else says your quest is  impossible

E = Displaying an  ENERGY that others find inspiring and uplifting  

A = Being ADAPTABLE when someone identifies a better plan than yours

T = Having the TENACITY  to keep on trying  

I = Being INNOVATIVE  and unafraid to fail

V = Having the VISION  to know  your end destination

I = Being brave enough to challenge  the IMPOSSIBLE even though you don’t have all the answers

T = Always exploring the potential impact of new  TECHNOLOGY

Y = Staying in-tune with the YOUTH for they are  the future

Great leaders do not allow the future to happen,  they shape, influence it, innovate it. They pull the future forward with their CREATIVITY.

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