Some stunningly disruptive demographic stats about the world population by 2060

Disruptive forces are growing in complexity, velocity and impact. One of the slower moving forces is demographics and this force is now a growing tsunami which will crash on the shores of both developed and developing economies. No region or country will be immune to the impact of demographic disruption over the next 50 years. We are entering a period unlike anything ever experienced before in the history of humanity. Here are a few of the headline statistics
  • Total World Population will grow from 7.4 billion today to 9.5 billion in 2050
  • Global fertility rates have decreased from just under 5 babies to slightly above 2 children  per woman over the past 45 years. This is a seismic shift of mega proportions.
  • Life longevity is increasing dramatically. Of all the people ever to reach the age of 80, in the history of humanity, over half are still alive today.
  • The number of centenarians is growing at 400% every year
  • By 2060 the average life expectancy for someone living in Europe, America and China will pass 80 years-of-age.
  •  The global population aged between 40-79 will increase by 1.7bn and those aged between 60-79 will experience a total increase of 850m by 2060.
  •   But the total increase  over the same period, for those  aged between 0-19 wil...


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